PARENTS & KIDS: Is Bambooware Safe For Kids?

PARENTS & KIDS: Is Bambooware Safe For Kids?

Most probably you have encountered a bambooware without identifying it as one. Whether it be in a wood-themed house, a japanese house, or a family that switched up to sustainable living. 

Since we commonly identify bamboo as natural and environment-friendly, we tend to consider it as a tableware for the whole family and that includes our children. 

Bamboo is three times stronger than wood and has a higher tensile strength than steel. That is why it is extensively used in the building industry. When crafted into beautiful dinnerware for children, the durability of bamboo is clear and will stand  up to the focused abuse of an angry toddler. Plus, it is incredibly lightweight and won’t damage your kitchen tiles if it lands on the floor.

It will also give you years of service when properly cared for and once their usefulness comes to an end, you can rest assured that they will gently break down in nature without adding any stress to our beleaguered planet.

Bamboo dinnerware is easy to clean by hand. It is also stain-resistant and odor resistant. You can wash the bowl with warm soapy water, rinse, and dry with a clean cloth. No boiling, steaming, or sterilizing is needed. Although some plates can be dishwasher-safe, long exposure to hot water doesn't do them a favor.

The question is: Is it safe for a kid's health?

The answer is yes! Bamboo Wares are not just a better alternative to plasticware, but they're also safer for kids. It's durable, renewable and non-toxic to humans and animals alike making it a good material for kids' plates. It’s also BPA-free and food-safe approved by FDA and LFGB. 

Bamboo is a natural renewable resource with many great qualities- but they are actually not biodegradable as a finished product.

Most bamboo wares use melamine as a binder to hold the bamboo together. But this does not guarantee 100% melamine attributes, melamine used with bamboo are considered sub-grade melamine. 

Although we do not sell Bambooware, you can use the safer and near-same properties with more added product value when it comes to durability, break-resistance and quality assured- Melamineware

Melamine is made up of a chemical compound that is organic-based and nitrogen-rich. It is designed to withstand temperatures from -20C to +120C making it highly durable and heat-resistant. Unlike any other traditional dinnerware materials, melamine is extremely difficult to break and will not shatter if dropped. 

The Plate Story offers 100% food grade melamine that stands best among brands because we put emphasis on product health and safety for all ages. Our greatest commitment is that our tableware is checked rigorously for quality and sent periodically for food contact safety tests. We focus on our tableware quality and safety so you can focus on the rest!

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