LIFESTYLE: Dinner Hosting: New Season, New Table

LIFESTYLE: Dinner Hosting: New Season, New Table

As the breeze changes as a sign of a new season, neighbors are starting to put up decorations for the coming holiday, and lots of people are already shopping for winter clothes or perhaps their Christmas outfits to feel the season of joy that we are all going to celebrate days from now. 

Hosting a Christmas dinner is definitely one of our favorite things to do. It’s so much fun to plan, shop for and prepare a special meal just for friends and family. Everyone is excited and the anticipation makes it even more special. 

Dinner parties are so much easier to host during the holidays. With everyone already in Christmas spirits, there's no need to buy expensive tableware and Christmas decorations to try and dress up your home or provide any other entertainment options. If you're worried about spending a lot on your new table set up, here’s a safe and affordable way to host your next holiday dinner.

The Plate Story - Christmas

1. Choose a Theme 

When choosing a Christmas theme, it's important to make it look fantastic yet affordable. A great way to do this is to choose an affordable Christmas theme that is easily adaptable for whatever interior you want to recreate. And instead of buying already made Christmas decorations, you can search for do-it-yourself decorations and make them with the whole family! A fun way of welcoming the new season, plus an activity you can start doing yearly.

2. Set the Stage with Textiles

The Plate Story - Christmas

Choosing the right table cloth for your Christmas dinner table can be tricky. If you’re hosting a big family celebration, then you might want something with a lot of color or text on it to match your festive holiday mood! On the other hand, if you’re looking to up the drama factor with a white-only Christmas tablecloth, then we can help you partner it up with some classic and minimal table dinnerware.

3. Prepare their Favorite Meal

The Plate Story - Christmas

The holiday season is all about spending time with family and friends. Christmas is the most romantic day in their life, so prepare a delicious meal for your loved ones with all the festive add-ons. Let them know how much they matter this Christmas by cooking them a special dish, or surprise them with treats that are easy to make but require extra effort and attention.

4. Invest In Sustainable Tableware

When Christmas is about to come, we go through our kitchen storage and pull out our Christmas-themed or even our most expensive tableware to prepare for the coming holiday. These kinds of dinnerware can either be heavy, fragile, or little did we know- unsafe.

We all want our Thanksgiving dinner to look extravagant and pleasing. But we also want what’s safe and best for our family. This new season is a big opportunity to break tableware stereotypes and start investing in sustainable and safe tableware for the whole family. 

This holiday, let us enter a new season that will not only bring big changes to the table but also to the world we live in- one dinnerware at a time. Let us start breaking the stereotypes  and celebrate a festive and sustainable Christmas with our new affordable investment.

All products are sent regularly to an external laboratory to ensure the authenticity, safety and quality of our dinnerware. Our melamine tableware also saves up replacement costs, is lightweight, and offers sustainable options. And the most important thing is- it is BPA-Free and FDA approved.


5. Enjoy the Spirit of Christmas

What’s the best part of hosting a holiday dinner? All the fun and gift-giving! The Spirit of Christmas is a time for bringing people together, for spreading goodwill. Enjoy the spirit of this season and bring joy to your family and loved ones by gifting them carefully selected items from our stunning Christmas dinnerware collection.

The Plate Story - Christmas

Treat yourself and your guests to contemporary Christmas dinnerware and choose from our specially curated tableware for an elegant, yet versatile table setting. You can also use it for premium gifting to a family, friend, acquaintance, or colleague. 

Visit our website to choose from our Christmas dinnerware collection and order today!

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