From Baby Showers to Boardrooms: Corporate Gift Solutions

From Baby Showers to Boardrooms: Corporate Gift Solutions

Corporate gift-giving has become increasingly popular in recent years, with companies looking to level up their branding strategies and to show appreciation to their employees, customers, clients, and partners. 

However, finding a unique and memorable gift that aligns with your brand values can be problematic. This is where personalized melamine dinnerware comes in.

An alternative approach to customize keychains and apparel, customized melamine ware offers the opportunity to incorporate logos or short messages at a reasonable cost with a minimum low quantity order of 20, along with flexible designs. 

According to Business Research Insights, the melamine tableware market, which is valued at USD 773.1 million in 2021, is projected to reach USD 1333.3 million by 2028 as it gains popularity across various regions, including the Asia Pacific. Small wonder it has taken wing in Malaysia and Singapore. 

In this article, we will explore why personalized melamine ware is an excellent option for corporate gifts and how suitable it is for various occasions.

Why Melamine ware?

Considering corporate gift ideas for employees can be a struggle.

"How does a company stand out in a sea of branded t-shirts and keychains?"

The solution: The Plate Story personalized melamine ware.

Durable, stylish, and unique, these customizable plates, bowls, and cutlery make practical and functional gifts for employees; they can also be used for company events and promotions. 

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Still not convinced?

Here are more reasons why personalized melamine ware is a great corporate gift idea:

Innovative Personalization Options

At The Plate Story, we take personalization to the next level. Our extensive customization options include:

Diverse Colors
Select from a wide spectrum of colors to perfectly match your brand or style.

Varied Shapes
Find the ideal shape that complements your table setting, from classic to contemporary.

Unique Designs
Browse through a collection of designs to make your tableware stand out.

Personalization and Logo Confirmation
Add your unique touch with personalization, and we ensure logo accuracy.

Local Manufacturer with Fast Delivery

As a local melamine ware manufacturer based in Malaysia, The Plate Story offers quick and efficient delivery within Malaysia and Singapore, ensuring that your corporate gifts arrive promptly and in excellent condition. By supporting a local business, you also contribute to the growth of the local economy and build stronger relationships within your community.

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Personalization for Festive Occasions

Festive seasons are the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to clients, partners, and employees. With corporate gifts customized by The Plate Story, you can celebrate festivities in a truly memorable way. Whether it's Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Diwali, or Christmas, customized festive gifts add a personal touch to the occasion. Your recipients will be delighted to receive a gift that showcases a heartfelt message, their name, or your brand logo, creating a lasting impression.

Loyalty and Customer Rewards

Rewarding loyalty and showing appreciation to valued customers is crucial for maintaining strong business relationships. The Plate Story provides an ideal solution for loyalty and customer rewards programs. By personalizing the melamine ware with your company logo or a special message, you demonstrate your gratitude in a tangible and thoughtful way. Corporate gifts symbolize gratitude and remind your customers of the strong bond you share with them. 

Door Gifts for Company Events and Exhibitions

When hosting corporate events or participating in exhibitions, providing attendees with memorable door gifts can leave a lasting impact.

"With The Plate Story, you can customize dinnerware with event-specific designs or branding, making them unique keepsakes for your guests. The durability of melamine ware ensures that your brand stays in the minds of recipients long after the event, further enhancing your brand visibility."

The Plate Story ensures that your gifts stand out and reflect your brand identity. From festive occasions to customer rewards, The Plate Story melamine ware is perfect for elevating your corporate gifting experience. Embrace the power of personalization and leave a lasting impression with The Plate Story.

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