When Is It Time To Change Your Tableware?

When Is It Time To Change Your Tableware?

Let’s be honest - when you saw the title, you also asked yourself and counted how many years have you been using your tableware.

For most people, they don’t really consider the lifespan of tableware because the breakage comes first rather than the expiration. Some even pass it to the next generation, and some just don’t really consider how long it can serve the family as long as it is still usable. 

When it comes to food and safety, we should always be cautious about everything that involves it- and this doesn’t exclude tableware. 

Although we use different kinds of tableware depending on its purpose: sustainability, convenience, cost-efficiency etc., we need to know when is the right time to change it. 

Stacked Tableware

Scratched or Damaged 

As a rule of thumb, you should replace all food utensils and tableware — when they become scratched and damaged. No exceptions for this one as it may cause danger to you and your family's health. 

Exceeded Life Span 

Ideally, there are specific replacement rates that have been labeled for each tableware like the 50-150% yearly replacement rate for porcelain tableware. Some tableware like plastics don't need to meet the standard because they're designed to be disposed of immediately after use. 

If It Exceeds Your Tableware Budget

Replacing tableware can be really costly. That is why it is advisable to invest in tableware that are affordable, break-resistant, and have a lesser yearly replacement rate. Is this possible? Yes! 

With Melamine wares, you can easily get 2 - 5 years out of your affordable melamine dinnerware investment if properly handled and maintained. Melamine dinnerware replacement rate is just 10% because of its inherent strength and durability, while 10-20% per year for a high volume of  foodservice operation. 

However, like any other product within a heavy use environment, over time melamine dinnerware will start to lose its luster and may need to be replaced. Most of the time it is  replaced because of the appearance instead of breakage or failure.

Brands like Zmoments and Hoover Melamine offer a variety of melamine dinnerware that are proven to be durable, scratch-proof, and break-resistant. They make sure that you will make use of their melamine wares safe and durable up to the perfect time to replace it. 

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