5 Reasons to Visit Singapore & Malaysia During Ramadhan 2023

5 Reasons to Visit Singapore & Malaysia During Ramadhan 2023

Singapore and Malaysia are culturally diverse countries, with so much to explore and eat! They have an abundance of food festivals and activities, but even if you're not interested in participating in these events, the atmosphere will give you a great sense of what it's like to be there during Ramadhan.

If you're considering a holiday this Ramadhan 2023, here's why you should go to Singapore and Malaysia:

1. Festive Songs

Hari Raya Celebration

Ramadhan is a holy month and reflection for Muslims around the world. It's also a time when the streets are filled with hari raya songs and raya food, so if you're not Muslim, you can still enjoy the merriment of Ramadhan in Singapore and Malaysia!

You'll be able to hear hari raya songs coming from every direction as people listen on their way home from work each evening. You can also try searching for Hari Raya playlist on Spotify if you want to get into the spirit of things. 

2. Iftar

The most important part of Ramadhan isn't just praying or fasting—it's sharing food with people you love. Having iftar at home for friends is a great way to show gratitude and welcome visitors into your home. The Plate Story has beautiful sustainable melamine plates and bowls in all sizes that are perfect for serving traditional Malaysiankuih muih tradisional” at iftar time. They're durable enough to be reused year after year too!

3. Decorations

There are so many things to do and see during this time of year. All the towns will be decorated for Ramadhan with signs that say "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri," mosque cut-outs, oil lamps, lanterns, colourful string lights, ketupat, and crescent moon and star garlands. Both countries will be decked out in decorations for Ramadhan, which means you'll get to experience the best of both holy festivals!

4. Iftar Delicacies 

Iftar delicacies are delicious and unique. Some of them are even made with special recipes passed down from generation to generation!

Bubur Lambuk, Pulut panggang,Kuih Koci, Badak Berendam, kuih Melaka - these are just a few of the delicious dishes available at Iftar celebrations throughout Southeast Asia during Ramadhan season. You'll want to get your hands on as much as possible before they're gone! Here’s a hack for you, they’re way better if served in durable serving platters from The Plate Story. The sophisticated and classic design is perfect for the occasion—and it's shatterproof!

5. Bazaar Ramadan

Bazaar Ramadan

There are so many good reasons to visit Malaysia during Ramadhan 2023, but one aspect stands out. Of course the food! We got a list of popular bazaars to choose from!

Here are our top picks for places to visit:

This bazaar is located at the Perak Stadium and has over 100 stalls with traditional Malay food like cendol and kuih kaswi.

This bazaar has more than 300 stalls selling all kinds of traditional Malay food such as bubur lambuk and murtabak singapore. It's located near Jalan Raja Alang.

This bazaar has more than 200 stalls selling delicious food like kerepek ubi kayu (fried flat rice noodles), kerepek pedas and kerepek pisang (crispy pandan cake).

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