Warranty Policy

The Plate Story Tableware

At The Plate Story, every tableware is laboriously produced and carefully checked to ensure the highest quality excellence for our users. As such your product is protected by a manufacturer warranty offered by Melamine Marketing Sdn Bhd (12-month Limited Warranty) against manufacturing defects.


Melamine Marketing Sdn Bhd (the manufacturer) warrants that the purchased tableware is free from manufacturing defects (in material or quality) and shatterproof for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

This warranty, however, does not cover: scratches on tableware from usage, damages caused by accident or improper use or storage of production, unauthorized modifications to the tableware such as lasering, and discolouration from prolonged usage.

How to make a claim

You can do so by:

  1. Email us at sales@theplatestory.com or send us a WhatsApp at +65 8939 7788 to arrange for a return via mail
  2. We will request your proof of purchase and product photos to assess the status of the tableware.
  3. If a return is required, we will arrange for the products to be pick up, and we will mail you everything to complete the return
  4. Once the return is authorized, we will arrange for the products to be picked up and mail you everything you need to complete the exchange.

Once you submit your claim and the warranty conditions apply to the defect of the tableware, your product will be replaced with a new one, or if the collection is unavailable, you will be provided with a replacement set of the same value.

With love, Ivan and Shan

Family always come first for us. Cousins first, founders second.

When both of us became parents, we always shared parenting tips. And the one thing in common is this unconditional love and effort to provide the best for our children. What we thought was impossible, such as maintaining calmness when the child is undergoing a meltdown, became possible.

As the 2nd generation in the family business of manufacturing melamine dinnerware, we saw tableware as it is but never more. It was not until both our young toddlers turned two years old and began to explore the world as their own that we saw how a normal mealtime conversation could become a prelude to another meatime battlefield.

That was when we saw how our tableware and its safety properties could make a difference for other families with young kids. And for the love of our toddlers and connection to tableware, we started theplatestory.com

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