Broken Plates

Reducing Tableware Breakage Cost

One thing is for sure - we all get heartbreaks when we hear the shattering sound of plates breaking into pieces. It may be at a restaurant, at a school, and the most common is at our houses. It’s not good news, especially to the ones who invested a budget for the tableware.    

Mechanical Impact 

Breakage has a lot of factors and one of them is mechanical impact - a high force or shock applied over a short time period when two or more things collide. This results from object-to-object collision which is induced by stacking of glassware, chinaware and other tableware that can easily break and chip because of its chemical component. 

Stacking Plates Bowls

Thermal Shock

Another factor is thermal shock caused by subjecting glass to a sudden change in temperature. That is why checking the do’s and don'ts of a certain tableware is advised to avoid this kind of incident. 

Thermal Shock Shattering Plates

Extreme Force

Extreme force is the most common cause. It's either from an accident, clumsiness, or an overjoyed playtime with children’s meal that results in throwing plates on the floors. 

Broken Plate Bowl

But we have to break this cycle. Buying a new set of tableware can really hurt our pockets especially if it’s just a starting business. Most of the time, these kinds of incidents (breakage cost) are always forgotten to include in the budget.

Thanks to innovation and technology, there are tableware that are affordable, long-lasting, and break-resistant- that reduces a huge amount from your typical breakage cost. 

The best example is melamine tableware. Melamine is difficult to break, chip, or scratch. Due to its inherent strength and durability, melamine dinnerware offers a significantly longer in-service life thanks to reduced replacement rates when compared to other dinnerware options.

It’s designed to withstand temperatures from -20C to +120C making it highly durable, heat-resistant, and extremely difficult to break as long as the suggested temperature is followed and not leaving it in a microwave for more than 2 minutes.

The best part? It’s child-friendly and safe! It does not easily break even if your little one throws it on the floor. That is why most restaurants are now using melamine plates as their new go-to tableware that is not just affordable but also versatile in size, design, and colors that can surely be used in both small restaurants and fine dining!

The Plate Story offers safe, durable and break-resistant children melamine plates that will surely leave parents with no doubt because they can independently enjoy their meal times. Planning to change your restaurant’s tableware? We got you all covered! You can order in bulk- which can save you a lot of money plus, you can request to customize it!

Not just that, TPS has best-selling melamine plates that you can use as a gift for any occasion worldwide! 

Together, let’s make the world a more livable place, one dinnerware at a time. If you want to know more about what we offer, feel free to contact us and visit our website.

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