CNY Reunion Planning: What Should I Include?

CNY Reunion Planning: What Should I Include?

Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated through the reunion of family, the return of prosperity and abundance, and giving away happiness to those that are close to you. 

When family and friends get together, it makes reunions more meaningful; they bring warm memories back to us, with the smell of delicious food, and family members who care about each other very much.

That is why there’s no better time to plan a reunion than right now! If it’s your first time hosting a CNY family reunion dinner and don’t know where to start or what to include, we got you covered!

This Chinese New Year, The Plate Story has made family reunions more meaningful through our Sustainable Longevity Melamineware Collection. Here’s what we’ve prepared for you: 

1. Steamboat Feast

Steamboat Feast Hot Pot

If it’s your first time hosting a CNY reunion dinner then this should not be excluded in your checklist! Nothing marks the celebration more than the festive chaos of a family huddled around an inviting steamboat meal with endless plates of raw ingredients, leafy green vegetables and spicy dipping sauces! In fact, a Chinese New Year’s eve menu wouldn’t be complete without them!

And while you’re busy listing down all the ingredients for the upcoming hot pot feast at home, there is no need to find stackable plates because we have just the right one for your reunion! 

Durable Steamboat Collection

Our Steamboat Collection is perfect for stacking your favorite hot pot ingredient! You can now enjoy the delicious flavors of Chinese hot pot at home with no more worrying about breaking dishes and breaking the bank because our Steamboat Collection is made affordable and of 100% safe melamine material which makes it durable, stackable and shatterproof

Variation: Meat plates for meat and seafood; service plates; bowls for rice, salad, soup; saucers

2. Toss Lou Hei

Another fun and traditional way to celebrate CNY is tossing up abundance with Lo Hei! Lo Hei is the Cantonese word for tossing up good fortune. It is typically a Cantonese tradition in which people gather around a Lo Hei platter and toss it up while shouting words of blessings in Chinese. It symbolizes the desire to bring good fortune to everyone who participates in this tradition and is usually performed during Chinese New Year dinners.

Lou Hei Platter

Lo Hei can be made with many different ingredients, but the most common ones used include dried shrimp, roasted pork, salted egg yolk (yolk only), peanuts, sea cucumber, tofu skin and chicken floss.

If you're tossing up abundance with Lou Hei, we have the perfect one for you! Our Lou Hei Platter is made from 100% sustainable melamine material which makes it durable, shatterproof and break-resistant. And that’s not it, you can also give it as the perfect housewarming gift for any upcoming family reunion

Lou Hei Platter Chinese New Year Gift

3. Housewarming Gift 

Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate family and friends, but it's also an opportunity to show your appreciation for the people who have been there for you.

Great news! We have a house-gifting set for Chinese New Year that’s perfect for your next get together!

Floral Dinnerware in Premium Gift Box

Whether you're hosting a CNY dinner party or gifting your friends and family, our Avon Floral set is the perfect option! Its ivory base is sprinkled with flower petals and brings the beauty of traditional floral dinnerware to modern times. It comes in sets of 8/12/16 pieces and a premium gift box perfect for small to large numbers of the family.

Your guests will feel so special as they receive this beautiful set and be immersed in the cultural traditions of Chinese New Year. 

Avon Dinnerware Gift Set Floral Design Plate

That’s not it! You can now enjoy 30% OFF DISCOUNT on any Avon Set - 8/12/16pcs set for a minimum purchase of worth $25 on all of our products. 

Hosting a CNY Family Reunion is not as stressful as it seems. Especially if all exquisite platters for this year's CNY dinner are already at The Plate Story's CNY Longevity Melamine Collection! It's affordable, sustainable and sure to satisfy every member of your family. 

If you are as excited as we do, don’t forget to share this with your friends and continue to follow us because we have a lot of lucky prizes to give this Year of the Water Rabbit. Kung Hei Fat Choi! 

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