COMMUNITY: To Give and be Given

COMMUNITY: To Give and be Given

When Christmas is coming we not only feel the season of joy, but we also understand the meaning of giving. 

Every year, we join Christmas carols and put up lights to make the season bright. When we think of Santa Claus and his reindeers, we remember that giving is not about what you own but about what you do for others. 

This holiday season is an opportunity to show your love, care and wishes to our loved ones. It's about trying our best to make people around us happy, especially the warmth and loving atmosphere that can be created during Christmas can help many people realize once more that they are loved, that their life still has meaning.

Christmas is the time where we extend our gratitude to others, where we give all the love and presents we can and not ask for anything in return. Little did we know that when we give, we automatically receive something from the people we love and value. We receive gratitude, genuinity, sincerity, care, joy, and love. 

That is why this thanksgiving season, The Plate Story do not only want to share our blessings to our families and friends, we want this season to be a forerunner of creating a positive significance to the world and make a material impact to our society.

From a vision that saw the possibility to create positive impact to children-in-need to a company founded with an unconditional love, effort and mission to provide the best for children-in-need and the environment. The Plate Story is proud to be part of a big change with our NGOs partners.

Hope for the Silent Voices (HFSV)

The Plate Story partnered with Hope for the Silent Voices (HFSV), a not-for-profit organization founded to bring attention & resources to the vulnerable and exploited globally.  

They started on a tsunami relief operation in 2004 that has now been a concrete foundation of redemption, restoration, and a safe space for lots of children in Cambodia who have been victims of abuse, exploitation, and abandonment. 

Hope for The Silent Voices

Hope For the Silent Voices is committed to giving a “voice” to the severely neglected, disadvantaged, abused and discarded globally as they have neither the resources nor the means for doing it themselves. One of their goals is to forge dynamic personal relationships with those in need and to explore significant ways to enhance the quality of these individuals’ lives and futures. 

Kids Happy Faces in Black And White with The Plate Story Doing Good Campaign

We, together with HFSV, believe that all people deserve the opportunity to be treated like human beings and demonstrate this by “bringing a voice to the vulnerable globally.” That is why The Plate Story commits to donate 10% of its profits to support the children in poverty with the mission to support daily meals and education. It is all for the good cause of improving the lives of children in Cambodia.

Christmas is a sign of hope and renewal. It's the time to come closer to home, to our loved ones, to those who need us. And at this time of year many people do not have a home or a life to go back to, let us be a ray of sunshine and an anchor of hope to people in need. 

Yes, Christmas is truly full of joy. The world is a better place, with more light and happiness, when we don’t just give things but we also give compassion to others. That’s why Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

If you’re planning to be with us in this mission of giving joy and bringing hope to the “silent voices”, please click here.

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