PARENTS & KIDS: Is Melamine Safe For Kids?

PARENTS & KIDS: Is Melamine Safe For Kids?

You have probably heard melamine as an alternative tableware for ceramics and glass because of the risks that toddlers may throw plates or even make fun of it while eating. 

The Plate Story Tableware for Kids and Toddlers

Practically, melamine wares are safer than other tableware materials as it is highly durable and extremely difficult to break. It is the most common and safest tableware for kids because of its shatterproof and chip-resistant material. 

At The Plate Story, we produce high-quality and rich color designs that are suitable for every kid's personality and character. Every of our children's tableware is made of 100% Food-Grade-Safe. However, although melamine is designed to withstand high temperatures from -20C to 120C, the only downside is that it can only be used in a microwave under medium heat and less than 2 mins of heating. 

The question is: is it safe for our children’s health?

Because of the health danger that BPA brings in plastics and other chemical substitutes for BPA-Free plastics, a lot of mothers have turned to melamine as a safer alternative when buying plates and cups for their toddlers because Melamine is BPA-Free.

The FDA’s Safety and Risk Assessment of melamine states that this type of plastic tableware is safe for use. This is because high heat is used to mold melamine products, with most of the melamine used up in the process. Only a small amount remains in the products which can be released if melamine is subjected to high heat and acidity which is something that is prohibited to do with melamine tableware. Hence, the risk of toxic exposure is considered very low. 

Brands like The Plate StoryZmoments and Hoover Melamine offer children tableware made from 100% sustainable melamine materials to provide the best in strength, safety, and appearance. All of their melamine products are FDA & NSF certified to guarantee they meet the highest industry standards for health and sanitation.

How to differentiate a 100% Melamine Tableware?

  • 100% Melamine engraved in the product’s backstamp or printed on packaging
  • Food for Contact Safe Logo engraved in product’s backstamp or packaging
  • When shine the bright light, the product’s surface shines as clear as a porcelain than a plastic

All brands mentioned including The Plate Story’s products are all certified safe for food contact by Bureau Veritas, an International Product Testing Laboratory.

In line with the initiative to provide a safe and learning environment for children to grow up in - specifically in their mealtimes, The Plate Story is launching a new children tableware set called Mini Plates, Mini Me on the 10th of September!

Our 100% food-grade-safe melamine tableware stands above the rest of the tableware brands because we put a very strong emphasis on product safety - in all aspects!

If you want to have your own Mini Plate or Mini Me set, click here. And if you’re interested in starting your enticing collection of melamine ware, visit our website.

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