COLLECTION: Melamine Plates, A Safe Space

COLLECTION: Melamine Plates, A Safe Space

When you hear the word melamine plates perhaps there are thousands of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes that come into your mind. Maybe it was a vivid memory of your mother’s favorite tableware, or the plate set you used for dining on Christmas Eve or the fancy-looking dinnerware you can’t stop admiring from a restaurant you ate- it’s essentially everywhere!

Melamine dinnerware has been a rising trend for its durability and sustainable material alternative to fine porcelain, ceramic, stoneware, and other tableware. Its practicality and exquisite designs yet affordable have captured the hearts of different tableware collectors like you.


Melamine is made up of a chemical compound that is organic-based and nitrogen-rich. It is designed to withstand temperatures from -20C to +120C making it highly durable and heat-resistant. 

Although melamine is designed to withstand high temperatures, it should never have contact with food while it is being heated. Melamine dinnerware is not microwave-safe. It should not be used for cooking or to be heated in a microwave or conventional oven at 160 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

However, as a Melamine ware manufacturer, we focus on designing earth-conscious high-quality melamine dinnerware that helps people live sustainably. We curate every dinnerware set to reduce single-use plastic and other plastic waste.


The Plate Story - Jewel White Dining Set



With a lot of issues chirping around, our material has been certified safe for food contact by Bureau Veritas, an International Product Testing Laboratory.

Keep in mind also that there is a big difference between deliberately using melamine as an ingredient in foods and using it as a substance to make food packaging, dishware, and other items that aren’t ingested.

Furthermore, melamine is considered 100% dishwasher safe. Most variations of melamine wares can handle temperatures that exceed recommended dishwasher temperatures. It also can retain high heat, allowing it to dry faster than other standard dishware.

Melamine wares in addition are 100% food-grade-safe, save up replacement costs, are lightweight, and offer sustainable options. It has been an evolving safe space for home and commercial use.

Contact for melamine plates bulk purchase. We offer custom-by-craft dinnerware for restaurants and corporate gifts within your budget.

The fun part? All TPS products are non-porous and BPA-free!

Find out more about our premium and safe melamine plates when you visit our website.

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