Why 100% Food Grade Melamine Is Better Than Any Sub-Grade Material

Why 100% Food Grade Melamine Is Better Than Any Sub-Grade Material

In our previous blog, we have elaborated why melamine is safe to use for your children and family’s tableware. It is natural for parents to be cautious and overlook things especially when it comes to their family’s safety- and this does not exempt tableware. 

Finding the right tableware also means securing your family’s safety and health. It also means that the right melamine plate will give you sustainable alternatives not only for the family, but also to the environment. 



1. Food-Contact Safe Logo

Most Food-Contact Safe Logo can be found at the middle-back part of a plate. The most common symbol consists of a wine glass and a fork that should be in all food containers and tableware you have. This is an international symbol for all food-safe materials and should be found importantly on all materials that are made to have contact with food, especially  in plastic containers since not all plastics are used for food.

2. 100% Melamine Mark Making

Not all melamine wares are made up from 100% food grade melamine that is why there have been a lot of issues lurking around the internet that concern the dangers brought by sub-grade melamine. Make sure that when you are purchasing a melamine plate or any melamine ware look after the 100% melamine mark on either the product packaging or the plate itself. 

3. Check Manufacturer’s Product Certificate

As mentioned above, there are manufacturers that make sure that they provide the best of the best from safety, quality, and sustainability. It is important to have a couple of minutes to check for the manufacturer’s product certificate and symbols to avoid risking the health and safety of the family. 

The good news is, there are products that are FDA and NSF certified to guarantee that they meet the highest industry standards for health and sanitation. 

Affordable tableware brands are good, but always keep in mind what comes with an affordable price. Sub-grade melamine is safe when used appropriately as dishware and in other approved purposes, but only a small amount remains in the products and can be released if melamine is subjected to high heat and acidity. 

Prevention is better than cure as they always say. Start securing your family’s health and safety by choosing the right tableware brand that wants to make the world a more livable place, one dinnerware at a time. 

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