The 6 Benefits of Melamine Dinnerware You Must Know

TheCarrina Melamine Dinnerware

Have you considered what goes into the material that produces the dinnerware that you every day? Most people will probably be with ceramic dinnerware from their IKEA purchases or porcelain.

One material that is not familiar to most, is melamine dinnerware. Usually grouped and mistaken as plasticware, the word melamine is very foreign to most. But ask your last generation parents and they will be familiar with this product. 

What is Melamine?

Melamine is a very versatile material that makes the product durable and break-resistant. Its application can be found in furniture like kitchen cabinets and tables to critical parts used in electrical installations.

But when used in dinnerware, melamine can produce high quality and rich colour designs that complement any table settings. Dinnerware brands such as Zmoments ( and Hoover Melamine ( are just some producers that can achieve such standards.

But that is not all. Here are the other six main benefits of melamine dinnerware.

Benefit 1: Heat-Resistant

Have a bowl of hot soup to serve, and you don’t have those chef’s hot hands that can touch food on grills? Melamine tableware is the saviour that we all longed for, without the trouble of needing cloth or gloves. They remain cool to handle despite hot food or soup being over 100°C.

Thanks to melamine being an insulator, it provides many convenient factors. It can maintain warm food temperatures for a longer duration.

*Do you know TheCarrina Melamine dinnerware can withstand heat up to 120°C?

Benefit 2: Cold-Resistant

Another property that comes with its good insulation is its ability to resist cold food and low temperatures without breaking. You can even place melamine dinnerware in an ice-filled container or even most refrigerators to keep cold food.

Equipped with this property, they are perfectly ideal for buffet displays and salad bars, etc.

And guess what the insulator property brings? They maintain cold food temperatures for a longer duration as well. You don’t have to inhale your ice creams and freeze your throats before they melt too quickly anymore.

*Another fun fact: TheCarrina Melamine dinnerware can withstand coldness down to -20°C.

Benefit 3: BPA Free / Food Contact Safe

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical used to produce reusable plastic products. Exposure to BPA could cause health effects on the brain and prostate of foetuses, infants, and children, affecting their behaviour. Research also concluded that it does affect fertility rates.

However, there are materials, including several low-tier melamine, that might leak this dangerous BPA chemical into your food.

Benefit 4: Top dishwasher safe / Easy to Clean

Aren’t you tired of having to manually scrub and wash the dishes one by one just after consuming a tasty meal? No worries, you can dump all your melamine dinnerware inside the dishwasher and chill.

Melamine dinnerware is built to withstand the rigours of multiple washing cycles and knocks. 

Benefit 5: Break-resistant / Chip-Resistant

Know of butterfingers around you? Get them to hold onto melamine from now on; then, you can finally set your heart at ease with your/their dinnerware in their hands. With their inherent strength, they are mightily tough to break. (Although, please don’t test and throw it like a frisbee.)

Therefore, this makes them incomparably ideal for elderly and youthful kids.

Having the chip-resistant property is also vital. Although tiny chips might seem insignificant, it leaves an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to seep through and contaminate your food.

Benefit 6: Value for money

Here comes the best part… they don’t damage your wallet. Melamine dinnerware is generally cheaper than popular materials such as porcelain and ceramic. 

However, ensure that the melamine dinnerware you hold states its country of origin and “100% Melamine”. Otherwise, that piece of dinnerware may be sub-grade melamine or non-100% melamine dinnerware, which in both cases will mean that they are not food for contact safe. 

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